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November/December 2010

Comparative advertising in Canada

Comparative advertising is inherently controversial and has raised concerns from the media, the government and the advertising industry itself.

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Celebrity inventors

Celebrities who are famous for reasons unrelated to invention are, in some cases, also inventors.

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Important differences between Canadian and U.S. trademark application procedures

While Canadian trademark laws and regulations are very similar to those of the U.S., it is important to keep in mind some key differences when filing and prosecuting applications.

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You've received a cease & desist letter — now what?

Whether it arrives by post, email or someone showing up at your door with a personal delivery, a cease & desist letter almost always means some degree of trouble and expense.

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Recent developments in brief

Lamebook sues Facebook in U.S.

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Proposal to permit the registration of non-traditional marks

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Google revises trademark policy for Canadian advertisements

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Confusion between trademarks and trade names considered

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