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January/February 2011

What to do when someone registers YourTrademark.ca

Domain names can be registered in real time, without examination of the registrant's right to register the name. When the name includes your trademark, steps can be taken to remedy the situation and protect one of the key assets in your IP portfolio.

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Balancing issued patents with pending applications: the road to a healthy patent portfolio

A patent portfolio that is best able to support a large spectrum of business objectives will provide exclusivity for a company's innovative technology, and provide flexibility and adaptability to the company's ever-changing business reality.

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On-going patent due diligence makes legal and business sense for cleantech companies

Properly conducted on-going patent due diligence can provide innovation-driven cleantech companies with legal and business advantages — it can help anticipate legal issues before they arise and uncover opportunities for further innovation.

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Considerations arising from the expiration of patent protection

While a great deal of attention is given to the process and benefits of obtaining a patent, it is also important to consider the potential consequences of what will occur when the patent term expires.

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Recent developments in brief

CIRA panel considers meaning of "confusingly similar" in domain name dispute

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Competition Bureau takes action over misleading advertising

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Canadian Patent Office launches new pilot project

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