No other Canadian firm can claim a more distinguished record in intellectual property litigation. Our formidable team of litigators provides clients with the protection that they need. We represent clients in both the Common Law and Civil Law Courts in Canada, at the highest appellate levels and in both official languages. As well, we are able to represent clients not only in the Federal Court of Canada, but also in the Provincial Courts of Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta, as may be necessary. We also have significant experience in multi-jurisdictional cases, not only representing clients in the Canadian aspect of the dispute, but participating in the coordination of litigation strategies world-wide.                   

We have handled a significant share of Canada's most commercially important and technically complex intellectual property law cases, many of which still stand as leading Canadian precedents. For example, our firm has appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada on more than 50 occasions, including the two most recent patent cases in the Supreme Court of Canada.              

The breadth and depth of our litigation group has been recognized both internationally and within the Canadian legal community. In fact, in each edition since its debut, the LEXPERT/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada has consistently recognized Smart & Biggar as having more leading intellectual property litigators than any other firm in the country.                        
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Steven Garland
Barrister and Solicitor, Patent and Trademark Agent

Phone: 613.232.2486
Mark Evans
Barrister and Solicitor, Patent and Trademark Agent

Phone: 416.593.5514
François Guay
Barrister and Solicitor, Trademark Agent

Phone: 514.954.1500
Timothy Lo
Barrister and Solicitor, Patent and Trademark Agent

Phone: 604.682.7780
Alistair Simpson
Barrister and Solicitor, Patent and Trademark Agent

Phone: 587.887.9997
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