Webinar Replay — Get Ready, Get Set: Canadian Patent Law Reform Has Arrived
February 7, 2019

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This year, Canada is expected to complete its long journey of patent law reform, which began in earnest in 2014. With the new draft Patent Rules, the last of the major amendments to the Patent Act are expected to come into force this year.


Daphne Lainson   Matthew Zischka

Daphne Lainson
Partner, Ottawa

Matthew Zischka
Partner, Toronto


While the amendments will render Canada compliant with the Patent Law Treaty (PLT), there are aspects of the new law which go well beyond the PLT, and are unique to Canada.

In order to prepare you for the changes, we will provide you with practical guidance on:

  • New fee payment rules, and avoiding terminal loss of rights;
  • Changes to filing and national phase entry requirements;
  • New, shortened prosecution deadlines; and
  • Changes to amendment practice, including after allowance and post-grant.

In addition, we will review important already in force provisions of the Canadian Patent Act, that have changed Canadian patent law as it relates to:

  • Prosecution history estoppel;
  • Experimental use;
  • Prior user rights;
  • Standard-essential patents; and
  • Demand letters.

Watch Now: US Focus / Europe Focus

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