Smart & Biggar featured in the Ottawa Business Journal for innovative “paperless” file management system
September 22, 2017

Smart & Biggar was recently profiled by Ottawa Business Journal for the implementation of an innovative electronic file management system.  The system has allowed the firm to go virtually “paperless” and includes automated workflow tools providing speed and efficiency. 

As one of the leading law firms in Canada, with a focus exclusively on intellectual property & technology law, Smart & Biggar files more patent and trademark applications than any other firm in Canada.  Our clients are leading companies from around the world and they entrust us to provide strategic advice and counsel on the latest innovations and valuable brands.

The new ‘paperless’ electronic system has allowed the firm to minimize reliance on physical paper files, and provide faster, more efficient service to clients. “It is a quantum leap in terms of [our] ability to serve clients,” said partner Elliott Simcoe during a tour of the firm’s Ottawa office.   “For an organization with clients on every continent, being able to quickly respond to their requests and inquiries, 24/7, is vital” Mr. Simcoe added.

Before Smart & Biggar ditched its paper file system earlier this year, Mr. Simcoe explains, it relied on “an army of people” to ferry documents back and forth between agents’ offices and its mailroom, where the bulging files were catalogued and stored.  At any given time, up to 8,000 of the bulky cardboard folders would be circulating throughout the office.

“It was abundantly clear that we had to take a leap in terms of how we managed our files to bring our responsiveness up to the level expected by our clients in today’s 24-7, Twitter world,” says Simcoe.

In an industry like intellectual property law, where missing a deadline by a minute could theoretically cost a client the rights to a multimillion-dollar patent, time is truly money, having an electronic file management system with automated triggers and workflow is invaluable. 

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