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BC Court of Appeal dismisses consumer class action based on invalidation of VIAGRA patent | December 11, 2015

Prohibition application against Mylan’s generic SENSIPAR dismissed; Court finds Amgen did not have a valid selection patent | December 11, 2015

New guidance on the role of the Canada Border Services Agency in combating counterfeiting and piracy at the Canadian border | December 7, 2015

Supreme Court of Canada affirms principle of technological neutrality in Canadian copyright law | November 30, 2015

Daphne Lainson and Thuy Nguyen to participate in Managing Intellectual Property’s 2nd Annual International Women’s Leadership Forum | November 30, 2015

Three reasons for non-Canadian companies to register .ca domain names now | November 26, 2015

Smart & Biggar’s Jonas Gifford named among Canada’s Leading Lawyers Under 40 | November 20, 2015

Acronyms and the issue of descriptiveness under the Canadian Trademarks Act | November 20, 2015

First biologic decision under PMNOC Regulations: Amgen’s prohibition application dismissed | November 18, 2015

Federal Court of Appeal finds that Sandoz and ratiopharm are subject to jurisdiction of PMPRB in relation to certain drug sales | November 18, 2015

Federal Court confirms data protection correctly triggered by Hospira’s post-filing NDS amendment making a comparison to ELOXATIN | November 18, 2015

Federal Court invalidates Idenix patent, dismisses attacks on Gilead patent for SOVALDI | November 9, 2015

Federal Court quashes Import Ban against Apotex companies | November 9, 2015

Canada concludes negotiations on free trade agreement with Trans-Pacific Partners | November 6, 2015

Protection of functional features through industrial designs | November 4, 2015

When are “gluten-free” claims allowed in Canada? | October 28, 2015

Implementation of Canada’s amended Trademarks Act not expected before 2018 | October 22, 2015

Yoon Kang to speak on Pharmaceutical Patent Prosecution at C5’s 2nd Annual Life Sciences Summit | October 19, 2015

The “reasonably diligent search” in Canadian obviousness analysis | October 16, 2015

Alexion challenges constitutionality of Patented Medicine Prices Review Board price regulation provisions | October 9, 2015

Rare jail sentence ordered for contempt in trademark infringement saga | October 8, 2015

Smart & Biggar welcomes new associates | October 7, 2015

Canada now allows voluntary Nice classification — the beginning of significant changes to the Canadian trademark system | October 1, 2015

The beginning of significant changes to the Canadian trademark system — Canada now allows classification of goods and services | October 1, 2015

Court dismisses Eli Lilly’s prohibition application for Apotex’s generic versions of CIALIS and ADCIRCA, states disclosure in patent not required to demonstrate utility | September 17, 2015

Ontario Court dismisses Eli Lilly’s motion to strike Apotex’s claim for damages under almost 400-year-old Statute of Monopolies | September 17, 2015

Protecting your brand outside Canada: What Canadian brand owners need to know about the Madrid international trademark filing system | September 16, 2015

Canadian Federal Court of Appeal says patent construction findings should only be reversible for "palpable and overriding error" | September 10, 2015

Navigating the expected surge in PCT national stage applications in Canada: how Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh can help | September 8, 2015

In fond memory of Brian Isaac | September 1, 2015

David Schwartz named the 2016 Biotechnology Law "Lawyer of the Year" in Ottawa by Best Lawyers | August 26, 2015

Canadian court finds that keyword advertising does not constitute passing off | August 25, 2015

Court of Appeal upholds the invalidity of AstraZeneca’s patent for esomeprazole (NEXIUM), comments on utility | August 21, 2015

Cancellation proceedings against a registered Canadian trademark: when can “special circumstances” justify non-use? | August 17, 2015

Federal Court of Appeal acknowledges “non-infringing alternative” defence for the first time in the assessment of damages for patent infringement | August 6, 2015

Federal Court of Appeal permits listing of a formulation patent naming a single medicinal ingredient against a fixed-dose combination product (TRIFEXIS) | July 24, 2015

“Obvious to try” test in Canada: how and when is it applied? | July 23, 2015

The Competition Bureau takes action pursuant to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation amendments to the Competition Act | July 16, 2015

Rx IP Update 2015 Mid-Year Highlights | July 16, 2015

Federal Court proposes significant initiatives to further improve Canadian IP litigation | July 8, 2015

Apotex’s non-infringing alternative defence rejected; ordered to pay over $61 million in perindopril profits reference | July 6, 2015

Health Canada issues interim policy re: interpretation of “medicinal ingredient” | July 6, 2015

New guidance on diagnostic method claims | July 2, 2015

Competition Bureau introduces The Deceptive Marketing Practices Digest | June 25, 2015

PMNOC Regulations amendments re: listing claim for single medicinal ingredient against fixed-dose combination now registered | June 25, 2015

Competition Bureau releases draft update of Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines addressing conduct involving patent assertion entities and industry standard patents | June 18, 2015

John Bochnovic to become Executive Director for The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) | June 16, 2015

Prosecution history of Canadian patents and applications now available online | June 15, 2015

Competition Bureau’s draft Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines (IPEGs) address PMNOC Regulations litigation settlement | June 12, 2015

Federal Court of Appeal confirms sound prediction elements self-evident to skilled person need not be disclosed in patent | June 12, 2015

Beware of increasing use of confusing domain names for brand impersonation and fraud | June 8, 2015

Federal Court adds to uncertainty regarding Markush groups and alternatives in patent claims | May 19, 2015

Section 8 cases: Supreme Court dismisses sanofi-aventis’ ramipril appeal; Ontario Court of Appeal dismisses Apotex’s atomoxetine unjust enrichment appeal | May 14, 2015

Court of Appeal upholds Order prohibiting Cobalt NOC for generic of Bayer’s YAZ, comments on standard of review for construction | May 14, 2015

Federal Court of Appeal confirms the registrability of single colour trademarks in Canada | May 13, 2015

Amendments to Canada’s IP System outlined in the Federal Budget are one step closer to implementation | May 8, 2015

Non-French trademarks on public signs in Quebec live to see another day | May 5, 2015

Proposed PMNOC Regulations amendments published for comment following dismissal of Viiv appeal re: listing claim for medicinal ingredient against fixed-dose combination | May 4, 2015

Are you being served?: The noteworthy differences between proving “use” of a service mark in Canada and the U.S. | April 30, 2015

2015 Federal Budget proposes important changes to Canada’s IP laws | April 22, 2015

Health Canada releases draft Good Label and Package Practices Guide for stakeholder consultation | April 20, 2015

Smart & Biggar welcomes patent agent Shahrzad Esmaili to Toronto | April 17, 2015

When does a company own an invention absent a clear agreement with the inventor? | April 16, 2015

Health Canada launches two initiatives related to recent Vanessa’s Law amendments to the Food and Drugs Act | April 14, 2015

Tax deduction for the depreciation in the market value of patents | April 8, 2015

Federal Court issues rare interlocutory injunction in trademark case — A sign of things to come? | March 31, 2015

Precedent-setting Marlboro decision provides guidance on entitlement to claim profits in trademark infringement cases | March 24, 2015

Are your evidentiary ducks in a row? Considering a summary trial for faster and cheaper trademark litigation in the Federal Court | March 23, 2015

New Patent Office guidance on medical use claims | March 20, 2015

AstraZeneca’s LOSEC patent valid and infringed by Apotex | March 17, 2015

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation: new rules for software installation | March 17, 2015

Federal Court finds meta tags do not infringe trademarks or copyright | March 9, 2015

Applications to prohibit Mylan-tadalafil dismissed | March 6, 2015

Servier’s application for prohibition order dismissed re: Apotex’s 60 mg modified release gliclazide | March 6, 2015

Federal Court dismisses Janssen’s applications to prohibit NOC for Teva’s bortezomib product | March 6, 2015

The importance of trademark clearance searches in brand development | February 27, 2015

Amendments to the Plant Breeders’ Rights Act receive Royal Assent | February 26, 2015

“Eureka!” — Determining and correcting inventorship | February 25, 2015

Foraging for photographs in the Great White North: Canadian IP considerations concerning photographs from the Internet | February 23, 2015

Quebec Court rules on violations of The Charter of the French Language | February 10, 2015

Federal Court rejects non-infringing alternative defence; Apotex ordered to pay over $100 million to Eli Lilly in cefaclor damages reference | February 5, 2015

Firm welcomes Technical Consultant Dr. Houston Brown to Ottawa | February 5, 2015

Faster, cheaper trademark litigation, The Trademark Lawyer (Issue 1 2015) | February 3, 2015

Significant change for non-Canadian brand owners under the new Trademarks Act | February 2, 2015

Recent .CA domain name decision illustrates useful tool for demonstrating bad faith | January 23, 2015

Federal Court revisits the issue of medical uses | January 22, 2015

Court quashes NOC for Teva-Exemestane issued from a cross-referenced submission; Teva is required to separately address Pfizer’s patent | January 16, 2015

A year of significant change for Canadian IP law and practice | January 16, 2015

Creator of the 4C’s of diamond value successfully prevents registration of confusing acronym | January 9, 2015

Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh appoints Keltie Sim Luft as new Partnership Chair | January 8, 2015

Canada’s new anti-counterfeiting provisions now fully in force and request for customs assistance system now available | January 6, 2015

Rx IP Update: 2014 Highlights | January 5, 2015

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